Sunday Sparkle

I watched After Earth last night and I super loved it. In true M. Night Shyamalan style, there were plenty nerve-racking moments. But once you get past that, the lessons were pretty cool—like this one about fear.

Sometimes, you just really have to stop and think about what story you’re telling yourself. This way, you can move past it (when you’re ready) and have faith that everything will work out the way it’s supposed to. And if it doesn’t work out, you ask? Then dig deep, take a knee (you’ll know what this means if you watched the movie), and find a way to put a better spin on that story. ♥

Sunday Sparkle

I have been a grumbling grumperson over the past few days. I’m just being a brat about something super inconsequential, but that thing that happened? It did kinda make me spiral into an “ugh” kinda mood that’s been challenging to shake off.

So thank you, Universe, for sending this little not my way via @galadarling's IG.

So thank you, Universe, for sending this little not my way via @galadarling’s IG.

I don’t want to be an old fool in any way, shape, or form. So *deep breath* I shall focus on all the good things, detox my brain and body…and start writing about 5 things I’m grateful for every night before I go to sleep for one whole week. And if I don’t feel too self-conscious about what I jot down, I just might post my list on Snapchat, too. Follow me via @beautyandsparkl to take a peek! ♥

Sunday Sparkle

Remember this little promise I made you guys about posting more regularly? Huhuhu, I’m really trying but work has been so busy! Don’t worry, I’m gonna keep hustling though until I find my rhythm.


Yes to trying! And if you pop in looking for something new to read, just click on the makeup archives and skincare archives. Lots of beauty treasures there waiting for you to discover them!

Okay, enough housekeeping!! I also want to share something personal with you. More about it after the jump! Continue reading

Sunday Sparkle

I’m just going to put it out there—I need to blog more regularly. And I find that when I promise my sparkly readers new posts, I become more accountable. I realized that in order to take my blog where I want it to be (and just be more disciplined, really), I have to be more consistent. I have to plan. I have to be (gasp!) committed.

Abe Lincoln—telling it as it is.

Abe Lincoln—telling it as it is.

As an editor, I know how important it is to have a lineup and a deadline—and I’ve heard it from the wonderful people I’ve been consulting with about blogging throughout the years. The problem? I wasn’t really ready to commit. I felt like if I treated it like work, then it would take all the fun out of it. But guess what? Having a backlog of things to blog about and exciting ideas that always remain on the back burner’s not fun either.

Yup, I've decided!

And with that, I’m making a big decision for the blog!

I will be posting regularly—every MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, FRIDAY, AND SUNDAY. That’s four times a week guys (and sometimes, five for #GetLippieTuesday). Posts will go live at 1 p.m., so please make sure you remember to check-in and support me! It’s going to be challenging, and this means that I’ll be working extra hard, but I know only good things will come from it!

Now here’s where I need YOUR help! Tell me what you love reading on the blog and what you’d like to see more of. It’ll help me create a fun and exciting lineup for you each month! ♥

Sunday Sparkle

A current fave…

then, she began to breathe,
and live, and every moment
took her to a place where 
goodbyes were hard to come by.
she was in love, but not with someone or something,
she was in love with her life,
and for the very first time, in a long time,
everything was inspiring.
—r.m. drake—

Hoping this week will bring even more exciting opportunities and experiences that’ll inspire your soul! Sending love and sparkles to you! ♥