Review: EMK Beverly Hills Skincare

Have you heard of this brand? I remember seeing it on social media, but I didn’t really pay much attention to it…until I got an email from local actress, Carla Abellana. After glancing through the info she sent me about the products and seeing that Reese Witherspoon also uses the line, I caved and decided to give it a try!

The first thing I tried: the EMK Bloom Toner.

Carla sent me a customized kit to help balance my skin. I was super excited when I saw that it included the EMK Bloom Toner (US$44, 200ml).

I rarely get to test toners, so I was curious to see if using one would really make a difference on my skin. Honestly, though? I think I’m still in denial about the fact that I really need to use one (probably because toners from my generation were spiked with alcohol). But let me tell you—it’s good to add one to your routine because toners nowadays are usually filled with essences and help your skin absorb your creams better.  Continue reading

Celeb Makeup Looks At The Met Gala 2015

When I was still a newbie editor during my magazine days, I remember when the fashion girls would get all worked up about who wore what at the Met Gala. I really never understood it back then, but now, I can say that I appreciate the unique looks and themes that challenge celebs (and probably their stylists!) every year.

Just look at this gown! Rihanna really knows how to push fashion boundaries. Not my fave look, but there's no denying it's magnificent.

Just look at this gown! Rihanna really knows how to turn heads. Not a look I would go for, but there’s no denying that they’ll be talking about this for years.

This year’s theme was China: Through The Looking Glass. I was lucky enough to get an inside scoop on the makeup looks that the NARS team put together for a few high-profile celebs. Let’s take a look, shall we?

1. Reese Witherspoon

It's America's sweetheart!

America’s sweetheart goes for a more conservative look for the Met Ball. P.S. Can you believe Legally Blonde was released 14 years ago?

What I like about Reese’s makeup look here is how the little cat eye wing seems to be extending from her lower lashline. Such a nice detail and it flatters and elongates her eye shape really well. Celebrity makeup artist Molly Stern shared that she wanted the Academy Award-winning actress to have a super clean, bright complexion with bold features, so she also intensified the brows with shadowed liner.

Celebrity makeup artist Molly Stern created this look for Reese using these products. Her beauty inspo?

Here are the key NARS products they used to create the look: All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation, Fervor Dual-Intensity Blush, and Anita Audacious Lipstick.

2. Fei Fei Sun

Model Fei Fei Sun look quit regal with her makeup look. Loved the earrings, too!

Model Fei Fei Sun look quit regal with her makeup look. Loved the earrings, too!

It’s another take on the cat eye, but this one is loaded with lots of drama! “The eyeliner really had to be created for Fei Fei’s face, it was quite thick to enhance her eyes,” explains celebrity makeup artist Maki Ryoke. I have tiny eyes also, so this happens to me when I try to go for a winged look (monolid problems, hehe). If only I could wear my liner like this on a normal day!

Click to find out the liquid liner pen they used for this look and see Lady Gaga’s wild brow move after the jump! Continue reading