My Favorite Beauty Finds

Here’s a video review of my fave beauty finds…this month! Some products I’ve talked about in more detail on the blog (find them here and here) and others I haven’t. It’s only my second time to do a video, so I still get a bit nervous. Eeks! I’m just glad I had more fun filming this time around.

I reviewed five products and also shared plenty of tips and tricks on how to use ’em—didn’t realize I’m so daldal (Filipino word for talkative). Watch and leave me a comment if you like any of the products I mentioned, too. Hope you like the video! ♥

Tried & Tested: Urban Decay Smoked Palette

I am on the prowl for a new, to-die-for eyeshadow palette. I’m experiencing makeup in such a new way now that I’m making a big purchase! Here’s what I realized about my buying habits:

1. I really can’t order things online. I need to TRY before I buy.
2. I’m leaning more towards brands that I’ve never experimented with before.
3. I’m very picky. But if it’s a worthy beauty investment, I won’t think twice about snagging it.

Back when I was a beauty editor for glossies, I would always felt guilty about buying makeup. It just didn’t make sense since I had balikbayan boxes filled with samples stashed in the office storage room, under my desk, and even at home. Now that I’m blogging (and in real need of eyeshadows), I decided to just look for something I really want. Fun!

I wasn't exaggerating about the boxes. Even the ones behind me (and my desk!) were filled with products!

I wasn’t exaggerating about the boxes. Just look at my desk—it’s drowning in products! This photo was taken back when I was Cosmopolitan Philippines’ beauty editor a few years ago. Totally barefaced because I needed a blank canvas to test all the makeup!

Anyway, back to the main point of this post: Urban Decay’s Smoked Eyeshadow Palette (P3,990 at Because I’m VERY late to the Urban Decay game, I kinda want to get something from the brand. I’m choosing between the three Nakeds and this gorgeous, jewel-toned palette.


Urban Decay’s Smoked gives you 10 pretty shades to play around with!

This palette holds a lot of promise. But is it nice enough for me to buy it? Click to find out!

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Stalking Urban Decay’s Naked3

Holy grail of eyeshadow palettes! Urban Decay just launched Naked3—and it’s already out of stock!


Such a pretty palette! I’ve been stalking beauty blogs to see what it’s like and I must say…I’m intrigued. From the photos and reviews that I’ve seen, here are my thoughts:

What I Like:

  • The shades are lot different from Naked and Naked2 (12 never-before-seen colors!)
  • I think rose-colored shadows will give Filipina eyes an interesting sparkle (since normal browns can look muddy)
  • I really want to see how the shade Blackheart can enhance a good smoky eye (it’s a deep black matte with rosy red micro-glitter)

What I Would’ve Wanted:

  • More matte shadows!
  • An intensely dark, black eyeshadow
  • For it to be cheaper! LOL, it’s $52! (But with beauty math, that’s like about P195 per shade. Hmm…)

I stumbled upon blogger KandeeJ’s review (lucky girl—UD sent her a sample ahead of everyone else!). I think I’ll be stalking her blog more often because she’s sooo funny! Check out her take:

What do you think of Urban Decay’s Naked3? Would you splurge on this? Let me know by posting a comment below! ♥

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