Let’s Hang Out On Friday!

I know I’ve been MIA lately. Can I make it up to you?

Join me on Friday, March 10, at Rustan's Shangrila for the L'Occitane Reign Blanche Skincare Workshop!

Join me on Friday, March 10, at Rustan’s Shangrila for the L’Occitane Reine Blanche Skincare Workshop!

They gave me a plus one, so I get to take one of my lucky readers with me! Basically, we’ll just geek out over the products and learn lots of fresh techniques on how to keep our skin bright and glowing. Plus, you can grill me about more beauty tips if you want! Hehe!

Shopping at the L'Occitane store at BGC Central!

Shopping at the L’Occitane store at BGC Central! This was the first time I actually got to try the Reine Blanche line back in 2015 (read more about my faves from this French brand here and here). 

If you want to join, just leave a comment on my Instagram page (click here!). I’ll be announcing the winner on Thursday morning, so make sure you join ASAP! ♥

More Gift Ideas—Rustan’s Edition!

I’m a lazy shopper. Much to my sister’s dismay (hi, Margaux!), I usually ask her to do it for me. Hehe! She’s been busy lately though, so I just head to one-stop shops—like Rustan’s.

I usually end up at the cosmetics counters, because it's the least stressful for me. So this Rustan's Beauty Addict card came at just the right time!

Whenever I shop, I usually end up at the cosmetics counters. Why? Because it’s the least stressful for me and I know my way around. Good thing this Rustan’s The Beauty Addict Card came just in right time!

This card gives you exclusive discounts from your favorite brands, complimentary products and spa services, and even a raffle entry for every P1,000 purchase (prizes vary per season). It’s only P299 or you can get it for free with every P2,500 you spend at the beauty department. So worth it if you’re a makeup or skincare junkie!

Now, let’s see what the latest beauty finds are at Rustan’s:

Brand To Scout For: Jane Iredale
What To Get: 
The New Starter Kit by Jane Iredale, P2,950. 

The New Starter Kit by Jane Iredale, P2,950.

This travel-friendly kit contains some of the most popular products inside, like the Jane Iredale Smooth Affair Facial Primer & Brightener, Amazing Base Loose Mineral Powder, PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation, and a Mini Powder Brush.

If you have extremely sensitive skin and don’t like to wear a lot of makeup, then this is a good brand to invest in. Jane Iredale is actually a mineral makeup pioneer (she started the brand in 1994) and is known for her Power of 3 skin philosophy—it’s that all you need for gorgeous skin is (1) your foundation of choice, (2) the corresponding application brush, and (3) her nourishing hydration spray.

The makeup bag is chic and I like that the brush comes with a protector, so it doesn't get dirty. And there's plenty of space for your lipstick, eyeliner, and blush, too!

And they’re all in here! The metallic cosmetic case is chic, has a large mirror on the flap (not seen), and I like that the brush comes with a protector, so it doesn’t get dirty. And there’s plenty of space inside for your other makeup items, too!

Brand To Scout For: Perricone
What To Get: Perricone MD Chloro Plasma, P3,550.

Perricone MD Chloro Plasma, P3,550. It's the first transformative treatment mask that has microcapsules that release chlorophyll upon contact with your skin.

It’s the first transformative treatment mask that has microcapsules that release chlorophyll upon contact with your skin. It smells like delicious peppermint and feels super refreshing on your skin!

Clickity-click for more deets about this unique mask and to see nail goodies from OPI (they’re by Gwen Stefani again!) Continue reading

Beauty Counters Are My Happy Place

If you read the About Me page, you already know that beauty counters get me all excited. Some girls can shop for clothes all day and get a rush from trying on several outfits. Snooze. I get my giddies (is that a word?) from trying on several shades of lipstick. What can I say? The beauty department is really my happy place.

It's like Disneyland...for beauty addicts!

The gates of heaven…for beauty addicts!

Rustan’s The Beauty Source recently got a facelift and it’s sooo pretty! They had a ginormous launch last night and I ended up staying longer than I initially planned—too much fun seeing old friends and exploring all the little activities each beauty counter had! Want to check out what happened? Let’s do some Instagram stalking and spy on the highlights reel of the other party peeps via the hashtag #rustansbeautyaddict.(Clue: There’s kissing involved—hey, it’s for a good cause!) Continue reading