Review: Maybelline V-Face Contour by Face Studio (Giveaway Inside!)

Do you remember this feature from Preview magazine? I was asked to talk about my favorite makeup move—strobing! But after interviewing Camie about why she loves to contour, I’ve been experimenting with it a bit more. And besides, these new products have been making it super easy for me.

But how could I resist these? Contouring looks so easy with the new Maybelline V-Face Contour line by Face Studio.

How could I resist these babies? Say hi to the new Maybelline V-Face Contour line by Face Studio! P.S. Make sure you read this post until the end for the giveaway!

Can you guess what they’re trying to get you to achieve with this? It’s the enviable (and trending) “V” shape for the face! You can totally sculpt a thinner nose and face with this if you want to, so I thought I’d give it a try!

Whenever I try new looks, I love looking for celeb pegs! This time around, I went with Angelina Jolie.

Whenever I try new looks, I love looking for celeb pegs. This time around, I took my inspo from Angelina Jolie.

When I was researching, I was surprised to see that she actually liked using pretty pops of pink on her cheeks during red carpet events. There’s always a little sculpting underneath to emphasize her gorgeous cheekbones, but it’s very minimal. Based on the photos I saw on IG, I also noticed that she only darkens the contour shadows during photoshoots + movie promos.

After putting my liquid foundation, I used the MaybellineV-Face Duo Stick, P499.

So now that I have my peg, I can start contouring! I applied my liquid foundation first and then I used the MaybellineV-Face Duo Stick, P499.

I placed tiny swipes over the hollows of my cheeks, along my temple, jawline, and the sides of my nose. For the highlighter, I placed it over the highest points on my cheeks and my nose bridge. My first impression? Loved the highlighter, was iffy about the color of the contour cream (keep reading—swatches later!). But surprisingly, when I applied the contour on top of my skin, it was the perfect shade for Pinays! Super subtle!

Clickity-click to read my review of the other products, see swatches + what it looks like on me, and to find out more about the giveaway! One lucky reader will get to take all these home!! Continue reading

Review: Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation & Concealer

I was thrilled when Urban Decay emailed me and said that they wanted to send me a few items for review. I thought I was dreaming! Urban Decay?? It’s like one of the coolest makeup brands out there and I’m on their beauty radar! Yay!

Getting a kit from a US brand was so different. Locally, they usually send a printed write-up about the product and brand (with a CD or USB filled with photos). UD sent a short note and a little info card that mentioned all the highlights about the Naked Skin line. It was short and sweet and straight to the point—I likey!

Wearable contour? That sounds like a good challenge!

Wearable contour? That sounds like a good challenge!

If you watch my YouTube videos, you know that contouring isn’t part of my makeup routine. But wearable contour? I can get on board with that. I was beginning to notice that my face was looking a tad long and flat lately in photos, so maybe adding more natural shadows might help (more about that on my YouTube channel soon!).

For now, let’s do a thorough review of these makeup goodies!

Let's start with the foundation! Isn't the rose gold box and sleek packaging pretty?

Let’s start with the foundation! Isn’t the rose gold box and sleek packaging pretty? I can’t get myself to throw them out just yet!

Okay so here’s the scoop on the foundation: It’s gives you major coverage without feeling heavy, there’s also a blurring effect that’s supposed to happen, and it has light-reflecting spheres (and peptides!) to help lessen the appearance of fine lines. Sounds good so far, right?

More swatches, my take on the “wearable contour” technique, and see what the foundation looks like on me after the jump! Continue reading