Sparkle TV: Do Korean Face Masks Really Work? The Proof Here!

I always wondered if Korean masks really worked. Sure, I could usually see the post-mask glow on my skin…but maybe this is just a superficial sheen. So I grabbed my MiLi pure gadget (it measures your skin’s hydration levels) and put my fave Korean mask to the test! Would it really hydrate my skin from deep within? Watch and find out!

So yay! I hope you watched it, because spoiler, KOREAN MASKS WORK! They do boost your skin’s moisture levels quickly (I saw a 4.8% increase) when I used this mask from Leaders InSolution. Of course, not all masks are the same. If you have a fave mask that you want to put to the test, leave a comment and let me know! I’ll test it out with my handy-dandy MiLi Pure gadget!

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Sparkle TV: My First Empties Video

It took me a looooong time to gather these products! Obviously, they are my favorites and I can’t live in a perfect beauty world without them! Watch and see what they are, because these babies definitely worth your moolah ;)


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Ever Heard Of Edible Cosmetics?

Sometimes, you see (or smell!) a beauty product that’s good enough to eat! Beauty companies have yet to invent this, but the gals at Buzzfeed did find a loophole via natural cosmetics. Watch—it’s so funny!

I’m not gonna lie—I’ve been tempted to taste beauty products before. But after watching this video, the urge is now gone! LOL! I am curious about what that lipstick tastes like though. Do you think it’s the only one girls liked because we’re so used to eating lipstick (even the non-natural kind) already? ♥

Sparkle TV: What’s In My Beach Bag

I’ve been hitting the beach a lot this summer, so I thought I’d show you guys what I pack when I head out. Click on the photo to watch my video on YouTube. You’ll get the scoop on all the skincare, makeup, and hair stuff that I always use!


The funny thing is, I really thought I packed light! LOL, click here to watch and tell me if this is normal!! 

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I have lipstick lust…

Saw this on Mariel's IG and the shades (listed in the photo's comments) are so pretty! Want, want, want!

Saw this on Mariel’s IG and the shades (listed in the photo’s comments) are so pretty! Want, want, want!

I’ve always admired Gwen Stefani’s lipstick and makeup style. She’s super cool, fun, and I do enjoy watching her on The Voice—especially now that her romance is heating up with Blake Shelton. Disclaimer: I love Hollywood gossip!

So many colors to choose from! If only I could see them in person!

So many colors to choose from! If only I could see them in person!

Can you sense my frustration? LOL! At first, I was torn between getting the red or fuchsia shade. Then, I realized that I need a good red. And that I want a Gwen Stefani kinda red, so…

Maybe this one? The shade is 714 (probably named after the area code in Gwen's hometown).

Maybe this one? The shade is 714 (probably named after the area code in Gwen’s hometown).

I wish I could see them in person and give each shade a good swatch, then I’d know which one I want based on what it looks like on my skintone. I read a few reviews and some said that Spiderweb was more Gwen’s signature red. I’m so confused, so until I figure it out, I’ll just keep watching her latest video and drooling over the lippie shade she’s rocking.

Which shade do you think I should get? Leave a comment and help me figure out which one is closest to Gwen Stefani’s signature red pout! ♥