Sparkle TV: Do Korean Face Masks Really Work? The Proof Here!

I always wondered if Korean masks really worked. Sure, I could usually see the post-mask glow on my skin…but maybe this is just a superficial sheen. So I grabbed my MiLi pure gadget (it measures your skin’s hydration levels) and put my fave Korean mask to the test! Would it really hydrate my skin from deep within? Watch and find out!

So yay! I hope you watched it, because spoiler, KOREAN MASKS WORK! They do boost your skin’s moisture levels quickly (I saw a 4.8% increase) when I used this mask from Leaders InSolution. Of course, not all masks are the same. If you have a fave mask that you want to put to the test, leave a comment and let me know! I’ll test it out with my handy-dandy MiLi Pure gadget!

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Sparkle TV: Non-Touring With Urban Decay’s Naked Skin Foundation & Concealer

Have you heard of this trend yet? Non-touring is a more natural and subtle way to sculpt your face (because apparently, people are sooo over contouring now). Basically, it’s like a no makeup look that’s spiked with some major highlighting. Here’s my take on it:

I super love this trend, and apparently, it’s a fave look of Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid! I really like how it adds more dimension to my face in photos and that it’s pretty glam without being too cray, you know? If you like this look and what to see more tutorials or reviews, show me some love by leaving me a thumbs-up and clicking here to subscribe! ♥

Sparkle TV: Day To Night Makeup Looks (And Another Happy Skin Giveaway!)

Yay, I finally have a new video up! I shared some of my #lazygirlbeauty hacks here, so watch and let me know what you think :)

I make a lot of last-minute plans, so these little tricks always make me feel more put-together and confident enough for a random adventure. If you liked the video, I hope you’ll support my new baby by subscribing to my channel (click here!) and as a special treat…

Here's what it looks like when you open it. I have to admit, the shades just seemed okay at first. Nothing too exciting.

I’m giving THREE of my sparkly subscribers a chance to bring home the “How To Conquer The World” set from Happy Skin! It has both the lippies I used in the video (my detailed review here).

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Sparkle TV: My Korean Beauty Haul!

Etude House was the first Korean beauty brand that I fell in love with. I can spend hours just checking out all the innovative (and sometimes, unusual) products they have + their packaging’s always so playful and cute, too! Watch and look at some of the cool and unique beauty finds I got ^.^

What’s your favorite from the haul? I really liked the liquid eyeliner that uses three dots (it’s super fab for makeup newbies) and the foundation sponge (it was super soft!). Btw guys, if you want me to review anything from my haul, make sure you leave a comment on my YouTube channel and subscribe here to show me some sparkly love!

And btw guys, in case you need more motivation to shop! Hehe!

And in case you need more motivation to shop ^o^

All Etude House boutiques nationwide will have a Big Beauty Sale from July 1 to 3, 2016! There’s a special pre-sale happening on June 30 if you’re a pink card holder, so visit their Facebook page for more deets if you plan on shopping.

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Beauty Directory 
Etude House Click here to visit their website and here for store locations.

Sparkle TV: Watch What Happened At My Preview Magazine Shoot!

You guys! I’m super excited to share this with you :)

I'm in the June 2016 issue of Preview magazine! It's the country's top fashion glossy.

I’m in the June 2016 issue of Preview magazine! It’s the country’s top fashion glossy!

I’m super honored that they featured me as one of the beauty bloggers in the issue, because their standards are crazy high. It was such a different experience to be in front of the camera for an magazine editorial (I’m usually standing beside the photographer, directing). I was super nervous, but it turned out to be so much fun!

And it's because I got to work with an amazing team! That's Preview's Eugene David, Belle Rodolfo, and photog Koji Arboleda.

And that’s mostly because I got to work with an amazing team! That’s Preview’s Eugene David, Belle Rodolfo, and photog Koji Arboleda. A big thank you to Belle for choosing me to be a part of this beauty story!!!

I was really anxious and worried that I wouldn’t be able to, well, project. As an editor, I know how crucial it is for the model/subject to emote so we can get the shot. But thanks the fantastic direction of Team Preview, I was able to relax and just go with the flow—no tequila shots required! Haha!

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