Tried & Tested: Murad Rapid Collagen Infusion

I got a surprise from Rustan’s!


Murad Rapid Collagen Infusion, P3,550.

What It Does: It’s an anti-aging treatment that you use with before your moisturizer. It’s clinically proven to reduce lines and wrinkles, plumps up dehydrated skin, and it’s fast acting for those who want to see results ASAP (it claims to reduce lines in just two hours).

The Key Ingredients: Collagen Support Complex helps the skin absorb and retain water while supporting natural collagen and elastin in your skin, Winged Kelp aims to boost hydration and suppleness, and Cellular Hydrolock to naturally increase cellular water level and relieve dry, irritated skin

Take a look at this image from Murad.  It also claims to reduce fine lines and wrinkles in just two hours. I want to time it next time and excited to try it on my undereye area.

Take a look at this image from Murad—looks promising!

How I Used It: I gotta admit that I didn’t have any expectations for this one. I saw the words “rapid collagen” and just wanted to see if it would help heal my acne scars and spots. I started by using it alone every night with my eye cream—that’s it—and completely forgot that I was using something new. Here’s what’s surprising: By the second day, I noticed my skin looked brighter even though I wasn’t getting enough sleep. Each day, I was puzzled that I kept waking up to fabulous, better-looking skin. By the fifth day, I knew something was up and I realized it was the Murad! Super impressed that you do get quick results!

It looks thick, but it's super light on your skin. I think that's why I forgot I was even using it.

It looks thick, but it’s super light on your skin. I think that’s why I forgot I was even using it.

What I Liked: The glow, of course. I woke up fresh and I liked how my skin got clearer and clearer. What surprised me the most was that my skin plumped up and felt extremely smooth. I think it worked well because my skin gets dehydrated because I avoid moisturizing heavily around summer. My dark spots even lightened and my face felt firm and lifted. Texture-wise, it’s not heavy at all. It seems thick when you pump it over your hand, but it melts into your skin quickly and leaves no shine or residue.

What Else You Need To Know: Once I noticed it was working well and I wasn’t breaking out, I started using it with my regular moisturizer at night. Sometimes, I’d apply it in the morning, too. Towards the fourth week, I noticed I was getting whiteheads around my forehead and cheeks. I’m not sure if it’s because I was applying the Murad Rapid Collagen Infusion too much or if it’s just not compatible with my moisturizer. Once I stopped using the product, the whiteheads went away. I must’ve gotten too excited and oversatured my skin with creams.

My Verdict: Despite the minor breakout, I’d still use this again and will just use it at night. I’ll also be more observant about its promise to reduce fine lines (I want to see if it’ll improve my undereye area like in the photo). Why I know it’s a keeper? Over Sunday brunch, my friends noticed my glow and said that my skin was looking much better—and I wasn’t even wearing any foundation. Once I told them what I used, they headed to Murad the following week to buy a bottle, but it was out of stock. Must be a best-seller despite the hefty price tag!

Think you’ll give this a try? Let me know by leaving a comment below! ♥

  • Saai Tadayoshi

    Im sold! I really wanna try it. I checked on “Kallony” (an online shop) and luckily they have it there, including RoC which I really would wanna try too. I was alarmed about their pricing on Murad as its almost P6,000. I have no idea about their online store yet so Im not sure if the product is authentic or if the shop is a legit distributor. Hope you can help me on this Nicole, I’d really appreciate it. Or if anyone knows about it I’d really appreciate it girls. Thank you so much 😘

    • Hi Saai! I’m not sure if that is a legit distributor. If I were you, I’d try to ask someone from Manila to buy for you in Rustan’s. It’s your best (and safest) bet :) And also, it’s best to treat acne scars ASAP for best results. If they’ve been around for years or months, lasers might be more effective.

      • Saai Tadayoshi

        Thank you Nicole, appreciate it so much:-) I also think its best that way, I do have a friend I could ask. Anyway, I get scars from facials too, tiny ones and I could use it to have it resurfaced. I have old acne scars, which in some way, somehow resurfaced on its own, but still not invisible especially to my scrutinizing eyes. I couldnt be so hard on myself. As for the old ones, Id take your advise and inquire about chemical peels then. Thanks again Nicole 😘

        • You’re welcome :) Good luck!!!