Sparkle TV: Unboxing Benefit’s 12 Days Of Gorgeous Party Poppers

It’s my very first unboxing video and it’s quite an exciting one—especially since the holidays are just around the corner! Watch!

I really enjoyed getting a taste of all the best-sellers from Benefit (it’s a steal at P2,500 per box for almost P5K worth of samples!). I gotta warn you though—it’ll make you want the full-sized products. In fact…

I ended up getting this! And the full-sized one is even better because it comes with a soft sponge for blending.

I ended up getting this! And it’s even better because the full-sized version comes with a soft sponge for blending.

This is my fifth YouTube video so far (send me some love and subscribe here please!) and I’m learning so much already. For this video, I actually learned from my mistakes. For example…

      1. How To Really Work A 12-Days Of Christmas Countdown 
        After Googling, I realized that the 12 Days of Christmas actually starts on, well, Christmas day! It’s actually supposed to be from December 25 until January 5, but personally, I find it more exciting to do a countdown of the days leading up to Christmas. Do you feel the same way? Then start opening the windows on December 14 if you’re like me!
      2. It’s Okay To Not Be Perfect.
        Really, guys. I’m trying to relax a bit more and show you my personality, so that it’s not too serious. I was worried about all the boo-boos, but then I remembered that I shouldn’t take things so seriously. Beauty is supposed to be fun and real and just about making yourself feel good. So I hope you felt a little sparklier after watching my videos! P.S. If you need a good laugh, jump ahead to the 4:43 mark and watch me be a huge goof! (Did you watch it?? I really couldn’t find it!! HAHA!)

Anywaaaay…let’s go back to the Benefit 12 Days of Gorgeous Box! Here’s a list of all the products inside:

  • DAY 1: Benefit Ooh La Lift
  • DAY 2: Benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream
  • DAY 3: Benefit High Beam
  • DAY 4: Benefit Ultra Plush in Sugarbomb
  • DAY 5: Benefit They’re Real! Mascara
  • DAY 6: Benefit Lollitint
  • DAY 7: Benefit The Porefessional
  • DAY 8: Benefit Watt’s Up
  • DAY 9: Benefit Bad Gal Lash
  • DAY 10: Benefit Ultra Plush in Hoola
  • DAY 11: Benefit They’re Real! Remover
  • DAY 12: Benefit Rockateur

And if you want to sing along to the Bene-song, here are the lyrics! I did my best to transcribe them, so tell me if there’s something I need to correct. Haha, I’m not sure about eleven and six!

The twelve things at parties
That make them pop for me
Twelve hunks a flirting

Beats cranked to eleven
Tens all around me
Dressed to the nines
Eat all the hors d’oeuvres
Seven foxy dance moves
Six it up, my darling
Five bits of bling
Four flattering selfies
Three French kisses
Too much fun
And a paparazzi in a pear tree

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