Where To Apply Bronzer

Holy moly, summer is in full swing!

I love getting a tan, but I never go under the sun because the UV damage is never worth it. That’s why I just like to create a faux glow by applying a hint of bronzer on strategic areas of my face. Watch the video I did for BDJBox.com to figure out where they are:

I like to go for a light and subtle application when it comes to bronzer, so my skin won’t look too orange or splotchy. If you’re a newbie to using this makeup technique, I suggest you go for a bronzer formula that isn’t long-lasting like what I used in the video (it’s TonyMoly Crystal Blusher in Sugar Brown 05, P328). I really reco this blush because it’s matte, easy to apply, and blends like a dream (read: it won’t stress you out while you’re mastering your bronzer skills). Tip: Don’t worry if you accidentally put on too much! You can easily sweep off the excess powder with this beauty hack!

Do you use bronzer during summer? What’s your favorite? ♥

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  • Sarah Ramos

    Ugh! Thank God for this post! It’s summer and I have literally (not literally) been dying to get the bronzed babe look goin on! The YouTube vids I’ve been watching don’t help because they use brands I can’t get my hands on. Crei. Thanks for the vid Ms. Nicole!

    • Yay! Thanks for the feedback, Sarah :) So happy to hear this. You made my day!